Wednesday, September 03, 2003


I am pissed. Bastersnatch and another friend bought tickets to Bjork tonight. The friend had to cancel yesterday so I was offered the tickets free. God damn Dr. Melfi!!!!!! If it was not for this appointment tonight, I’d be able to go!

Addaboy had a very sad post yesterday regarding his weekend and the crap that went down. He mentioned later on in his post about his views on gay men cheating on their boyfriends. It hit home with me and a huge guilt wave went through me. Sometimes though, I wonder, with all the people that I’ve spoken with who say: ”To each his own, but I would NEVER fool around on the man that I love” this is easy to say, but is it easy in reality? I wonder if they have ever been in a relationship of any great length? To me, a three year relationship is long, but not long term. I don’t quite know where that grey line is for me that determines when a relationship is long term but I do strongly feel that 11 years is a long term relationship…..especially when you think that I was 22 when it started and only “out” for 2 years. Anyway, my point is that how do they KNOW that they would be faithful if they’ve never been there…and besides…every relationship is different so who knows. I feel a bit cheeted on my youth but maybe this is just my excuse…I’m sure Dr. Melfi will put all the squirrels running around in my head in a single file.

So my friend "TheDoor" is in Turkey on vacation with "Carol". These two are T-R-O-U-B-L-E (did I spell that right!?!) I just know that I’m gonna get a call from a jail cell and I’m gonna have to haul my ass over to the Canadian consulate to get them free… here is an excerpt from their latest trip update:

SUBJECT: Istanbul loved us....and we loved many!!!
k here is another update...

After getting kicked out of Istanbul,(we ended many relationships) we went on our way by car to Antalya.. It was only 700kms however it took us over 13hrs.. and this is why..

We are in the middle of butt fuck nowhere enjoying the dessert, when suddenly the car blows up... Imagine that you are about 3hrs from any type of town (village to our standards) and all you see is tumble weed, camels and a few dead animals... I swear to you we were like precilla queen of turkey!! So we go to a gas-prayer station and yes i mean prayer station!!! to get help, they have never seen white folk, we were freaking out, they were one or two people, all of a sudden out of caves or something they appeared and stared in amazement i think i shit my pants, I SWEAR they were the TALIBAN!! and i think we saw Osama. Anyhow the rest is a long story, but we ended up in Antalya. The drive was really quite beautiful, first dessert then mountains, like the swiss alpes, and yes it snows here. Its funny cause Istanbul is about 14million and they said Antalya is small but its about 4 million!! Antalya is about 300kms for syria and 500 from Iraq... oh i think i just heard a missel fly overhead.

Its so cheap here, dinner for two is about 10cdn

We are here for about 4 days then off to Olympos, where we will stay by the sea in a tree house for about 12us a night and it,s beautiful.. our hotel here is amazing, its incredible. it,s built on a cliff and it dates back to the ottoman time.. take a look at the website and click on photo gallery and you will get the idea of just how beautiful, and its 50 a night for a suite with taxes and breakfast.. very high end as well...