Tuesday, March 30, 2004

An Element of Fun

It's Sunday afternoon in London and I'm sitting at the Starbucks in St. John's Wood recuperating from the festivities of last night (Saturday). Once I've had my booty boost of caffeine, I'm going over to Europa to pick up some Rhubarb yoghurt for me and a few bags of crisps for watercolor boy. In a few hours I'll be back on the silver bird to Toronto working with my fantastic crew.

OB (not the tampon) waited in our hotel lobby for 1 1/2 hrs before our crew bus arrived. The poor thing thought he'd show up early, just in case. NEVER SHOW UP EARLY if you are meeting someone coming in from a flight. Planes just don't arrive early. NEVER. It also did not help that I gave him the wrong flight number. Oops. Every time he checked the status of the flight it said that I was arriving the next day at 10 am. I'm such a fuck.

I checked in and then OB & I went to my room, scarfed back some champagne and then ran to baker street and caught the last tube to Vauxhall. Lord - that train was a sister shuttle to the bar. Full of em'. It was a virtual bullet train of a night club taking us to the bowels of hedonism and ecstasy.

Element was packed and the music was fantastic. The queue for the toilets was as bad as the line for Madonna tickets. At one point the upstairs loo broke and we were all shuffled downstairs into some closed restaurant to take care of our business. All the moving and crowded conditions of the toilets did not stop some boys from sealing a few business deals. Nothing like a few guys wanking each other off at the (as the working class brits would say) "your-anal's".

Wanting to get as sketchy as the toilets and as sticky as the club floor, OB and I decided on Peach schnapps shooters. Sending a warm feeling to my tummy, I was now had the guts to go up and meet this beautiful Auzzie boy MAN. His friend joined us for a bit on the couch as well. OB and I sat for at least and hour on the couch chatting, dancing, watching and meeting people.

Hours of dancing and smoking cigarettes got to us so we departed at 6 am and I took a mini cab back to the hotel. 15 pounds later I was in bed, resting from a VERY hard week at work.

Oh - and the best part of the evening for me (and I KNOW that all you club/music mix queens will cringe when I say this) was the mix of Kellis "Milkshake" to the beats of Robyn "Show me Love" fading to Clivilles & Cole's "Pride (a deeper love)".