Friday, February 06, 2004

The Things I SHOULD Write About...

These are the things I could write about today:

  1. It's raining outside and it really feels like spring.
  2. The crazy blind man with turret syndrome at the corner of Yonge & Carlton that keeps screaming FUUUUUUUCCCCCK is beginning to annoy me. I hear him on the 13th floor. His name is Ben and he gets upset if anyone touches him.
  3. I think the last guy who sang on American Idol last night (George Huff) looks like Erkle.
  4. Ryan Seacrest it H-O-T
  5. There is a high school friends reunion this Friday and I can't go cuz I gotta fly.
  6. OB is not in London this week (he's off to the motherland of South Africa) so I'm on my own in London on a Saturday night. Somebody help me ...puuuulllleeeesssseeee.
  7. I'm getting sick of eating Canadian Back Bacon for breakfast. The ZONE is still difficult.
  8. I'm now at 162 lbs with a 31" waist. Up from 158 lbs and down from a 32" waist 1 year ago.
  9. It burns when I pee. I think it's the propecia...they say it's a side effect. Only on day 8 so we'll see.
  10. I got soap in my dick head when I showered this morning. Maybe that's why it burns.
  11. I have to go back to the dentist next week (again) to get an old filling removed. My mouth is a money pit.
  12. my hands are dry.
  13. I'm meeting with Watercolour Boy for lunch on Friday to give him his crisps.
  14. I'm sick of the roll up to win at Tim Hortons.
  15. Tim Hortons boy has finally taken off his hair net and he does not look half bad.

BUT.... instead I'll talk about.....


The butt drilling, cock throbbing, sweat dripping, hair pulling, hip locking, back breaking sex last night with my partner. God therapy helps. I recommend it to EVERYONE. I was quite vocal last night with the dirty talk.

It started in the grocery store - Loblaws on Queens Quay. "Oh you like looking at my ass when I bend over to put stuff in the cart don't you?".....I throw down a can of soup in the aisle....."pick that up"....."Ohhhh...look at the later.."

Then it was home to dinner. "I'm gonna make you sweat"

The neighbors might have heard us saying things like: "YEA BABY, TAKE IT ...TAKE IT ALL"....Fuck this and fuck that...."YOU WANT MY HARD COCK IN YOU DON'T YOU - TAKE IT NOW".... bitch slap here and a bitch slap there...."TIGHT AND WARM ...THAT'S RIGHT"....."YEAAAAAA"..."PULL MY FUCKING HAIR"..push, thrust, push, thrust....feel the pressure...."IT'S SO FUCKING HOT"..."YOU ARE MAKING ME SO HOT"..."OH YEAAAA"

I've NEVER had sex like that before. There was pool of sweat gathered on my lower back. It was FANNNNNtastic. After we had spent ourselves, we rolled off each other and giggled. Who knew after 13 years that talking to my partner with a trucker mouth would make it enjoyable. We've never had sex this way before and for absolutely no rhyme or reason it happened last night. We were always the loving, caring sweet talking, tender, wispering I love you in each other's ears type. I had no idea I could be so do you say...butch?

Oh...I think I just broke a nail typing all that.