Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Coffee grinds

Danaman and I headed to SoHo for dinner @ Wagamamma's and drinks at rupert Street - as planned. I'm kind of getting over rupert Street - it's way too smoky and the music is too loud to chat. It's just like Wett Bar here in Toronto.

Danaman and I leave @10:45 to go to DTPM. We take the tube to Kings Cross and find out that the tube to Farringdon was closed. I had no idea how to get there above ground and we figured that it may be dead if the tube line was closed to we hopped back on the train to go back to SoHo. On the way down we pretended that we were in Tokyo on our way home from work, hanging off the handle bars inside the trans, acting like were asleep. Foolish boys we were. After more drinks in Soho we wandered back to the hotel.

the walk back was wonderful, we really bonded and I think I now have new friend to hang with outside of the airline. He is married as well and is lacking "Couple Friends" We are planning to go to his place on Wednesday for cocktails. Should I show them my new partner yoga poses?

Danaman is fun and we act like brothers on the plane- always play fighting.

On the way over I was sitting on my jumpseat as we circled London waiting for ATC to clear us to land. My crotch felt cold all of a sudden. I look down and it is soaking wet. Danaman had poured half a litre of water on my snatch.

I got him back by shaking a bottle of water at him from across the airplane. He looked like a drowned rat as he said good by to all the passengers.

On the way home yesterday, it started with a play fight in the back business class cabin which was empty and full of only crew hanging. He wedgied(sp?) me and I grabbed a rice salad off the counter and told him that I would dump it on him if he did not let go. My underwear was now at my shoulder blades so I dumped the salad on his head. Nothing like hearing a queen scream when her hairdo is fucked up.

I crunched up some crackers and put them in his suit inside pocket.

In deplaining, I noticed that BOTH my inside pockets were full of coffee grinds. Then I went into my crew bag which was FULL of coffee grinds. The bitch.

Danaman drove me home last night... I can't wait until he looks into his trunk today .. I had to empty my crew bag somewhere... ;-)

We fly together in a few weeks....I'm so excited!