Thursday, September 18, 2003

747's; Platform Hotties & Ativan...

Ok - I take back everything I said yesterday about the peasant shuttle. I now love it. I figured it out. It's all about finding the cutest guy standing on the platform and working it. Make sure you get in the same car and sit across the aisle from him so you can check him out for the entire ride..or check him out for a potential for a ride....

My Man and I still have not done our homework yet. PLEASE - SOMEONE SUGGEST WAYS TO SPICE UP OUR SEX LIVES!!!!! I'M DYEING HERE! I've only got 28 hours till the appointment with Dr. Melfi. We honestly cannot come up with anything. Probably because we are both so reserved, quite and shy to talk about this. It really is crazy. This blog is helping me become more vocal and think about what I'm feeling.

I think I want to go to Woodies or Wett Bar tonight so I going to go hunt for someone to accompany me.

Tomorrow I fly to London again on the 747-400 Combi (back half of the main cabin is cargo). This aircraft is one of my favorites. I love the size, the space and the power of it. When it takes off and I'm sitting in the upper deck, I can see the winglets from my jumpseat. I watch the wings bow upwards as they begin to bear the weight of the plane as the lift is generated. Do these wings ever bend. BTW - did you know that the engines are held on by two bolts. That's it. It is still the fastest passenger aircraft out there and it cuts off as much as 20 minutes from the flying time on the return trip home from London. I'm very happy the Air Canada has decided to keep these for the time being. There was talk of them going in August but I guess not. Otherwise I'd be walking to London tomorrow. The picture is aircraft #341 registration C-GAGL and I have a 1/3 chance of working this aircraft tomorrow as AC only has 3.

I'm looking forward to the workout at the the gym in SoHo. It's very nice and there is LOTS to look at. I don't know what they have put in the water over there but the boys are getting fit. I've been going to London for years and never really found anyone attractive. Miss thing...Either the times have changed or I have but its like there was some sort of revelation over there. EVERYONE now works out and they look fabulous.

Turkey Trip update:
FROM: TorontoBoi
To: *******
SUBJECT: One for you, three for me...
k, so we run to the autogar and yell out "One way ticket the fuck outta
here!", the turks stop and look at us... people don't swear here... then
again, they don't speak english here...

So we get on the luxury bus to Ephesus.. Ah... i'm telling you the bus
system here is better then sex... Full first class seats, recline into a
double bed...two bus attendants looking after your every need, well almost
every need, but at this point, I'd pay a couple extra pesos for a little
something-something.... juice service every 10minutes, all for free. the
tickets, a mere 10 pesos each, for a 5 hour trip...

We arrive into Ephesus, take the dalumus to the hotel.. a taste of
The hotel is right on the beach, well it's more like a villa style place,
only one story..
Our room is simple, two beds, a light, and a shower, our veranda faces the
agean sea, one step off our veranda and you are on the white sands of the
beach.. Completely simple, nothing more, nothing less...
Just us and our thoughts... Speaking of thoughts...

I wonder if my brother has sold my car yet, well if he hasn't I hope his got
my service engine light problem fixed, damn that car has cost me a

Money will be tight when i get home, this trip, the cost of fixing my car, i
wonder how full my visa is..

Hmm, i wonder if i'm gonna have to move,

did ted rent out my room yet? Wow, that's gonna cost more money, fuck i hate

hmmm, i wonder if i can work overtime when i get back...

well i wonder if i'll have a job when i get back..

i hope air canada hasn't gone completely bankrupt..

ok enough about that....

hmmm... it's so romantic here... wish i was with someone special, this would
have been a great trip for me and Doug.

Oh fuck, did I just think that.. he's got a boyfriend now... good for him,
he deserves it..

well don't i derseve it?

why can't i meet mr right... maybe i'm just fucked up or something,

do people think i'm ugly or something, maybe cause i'm fat.. i wonder....

ok enough about that....

deep breath... in and out... AHHHH

think good thoughts, you're in a beautiful place, listen to the waves
crashing... ahhhh

my life is kinda a mess... nowhere to live... my job is unstable, my
finances are getting ugly... i'm single, winter is coming, god i hate


one for you three for me.... count backwards, 10 9 8 7 666 55555
4444444444444 33333333333333
wow, life is GREAT!!!
bags are packed again, i can't stand the solitude, the squirrels in my head
are driving me crazy..