Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Prime Time Peasant Shuttle

I had to take the peasant shuttle into the office job this morning. What a horrific experience. The Yonge train southbound to College from Bloor was more packed then Wett Bar on a Saturday night. Where's the trannie (we call her "Coon eyes" to those of you who frequent the place) to serve me my Leeche martini? The trains need to be broken down by class and boarding passes issued. The pushing and shoving to get on to the train before the doors close reminds me of the Kosher Clipper to Miami at first snowfall in Toronto. Why people wear what they wear in public, let alone work is beyond me. I think all offices should have a dress code of Diesel, D&G and Prada. Throw in a Coach bag to carry that organizer and your set for a successful day.

I am so over Cupid. When did prime time get morals? Hank should have married the bitch on the spot and then took her for all she's worth in 366 days. W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R. Hank's my man; if he can't do her no one can!

I really DISLIKE the Alliance Party for the stunts they are pulling in parliament. I really dislike being a pawn in an election game. SHAME on them. I can't wait for my local rep to make an appearance at my door to try and get my vote. I am so going to give them a piece of my mind about what their party stands for. Bigotry. The bastards.