Friday, September 19, 2003

Baby Boy you stay on my mind

Baby boy you stay on my mind
Fulfill my fantasies
I think about you all the time
I see you in my dreams

Why do I not feel this way about my partner anymore? I really long for that lust when you first meet someone. That desire, that craving for their body. The courting, the flirting. The take me to your room and rip my cloths off. The exploration of a new body. The touch, smell and sounds of someone new. This is what I'm craving. It somehow has faded over the last 11 years of our partnership. Does it ever come back or have I lost it forever? (not my mind - I lost that a LONG time ago)

My relationship is doomed. I can feel it. I want to seek shelter - a storm is brewing. Maybe it's just Isabel making the squirrels in my head scramble and seek shelter. I feel like shutting down and hibernating...but I can't because today I have a date at 1:00 with my new threesome...Me, my partner and Dr. Melfi the therapist. Our third encounter. I've failed my assignment this week - to find ways to spice up our sex life - then again, maybe I just wrote it all down above.

I need to get on the flight tonight to fly away from all this.

Is it a coincidence that the eye of the now tropical storm Isabel hits the city at 2:00...during my threesome?